About Us

In 2002, Xclusive Staffing began as a small Denver-based firm specializing in housekeeping services for local hotels. Xclusive Staffing was born out of our experience as “the user” of temporary staffing agencies. With many years of hotel experience among us, our executives and managers understood the challenges of working with outside staffing firsthand. Based on our past struggles we collectively created a unique model of providing quality employees centered on the client’s needs.

The past 17 years have proved that our vision of creating a new model of staffing was sorely needed. Xclusive Staffing has expanded from one location to 26 regional offices in 14 states largely on our reputation of doing things differently than the “typical staffing agency.” We remain committed to the highest levels of integrity in our business. We treat our employees with respect and in turn they deliver top-notch customer service.

We are trailblazers in our industry because we share the same values as our clients when it comes to staffing. Our focus on quality, consistency, and reliability has allowed us to build long-term partnerships. We understand the pressure that hoteliers face every day and we want to be that partner you can count on. We speak and understand the same “language” that hoteliers speak regarding standards, guest expectations, and competition.

Now, Xclusive Staffing is the industry leader and trusted partner of hundreds of clients across the country. As the preferred partner of multiple national hotel brands, facilities management companies and hotel management companies, we are excited to share our passion with you. We care about your challenges like they are our own because we have been in your shoes.