As your trusted partner in staffing, we take compliance with all federal, state and local laws extremely seriously. When we go to work for our clients we understand it is not only our reputation on the line but yours as well. Compliance begins the moment employees walk in our door with mandatory drug tests and background checks and is supported by our industry leading back-office support staff committed to understanding and implementing the most stringent processes to protect us and our clients. From a dedicated workman’s compensation department to annual audits, we exceed all industry standards.

  • $25,000,000 general liability insurance
  • Affordable Care Act health insurance through Kaiser
  • Workman’s compensation insurance
  • Fully insured driver’s insurance
  • Family Medical Leave Act for all qualifying employees
  • Payroll taxes meet all federal and state mandated requirements
  • Strict adherence to I-9 regulations
  • Full compliance with overtime laws
  • National background checks and drug tests for every employee
  • Employees are issued a W-2 form yearly
  • We are knowledgeable with regard to co-employment processes
  • Equal employment opportunities without regard to race, creed, color, religious belief, sex, age, national origin, physical or mental disability or veteran status.
  • We provide work environments free from all forms of harassment
  • Personnel related incidents handled with care through our Human Resources department
  • Our employees are never classified as independent contractors

We look forward to partnering with you so that we can provide you with professional staff and services. Our extensive compliance standards and services are here to assist you with your unique needs. Call us today at 303-430-1700 to discuss how we can help you.