Xclusive Star Employees

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Have you ever wondered what some of Xclusive Staffing’s top employees do? Look no further! We recently recognized several employees in multiple areas for their hard work and dedication. Listed below are just a few of the fantastic workers we have here at Xclusive Staffing. Gertrude Chiwana: Gertrude joined Xclusive Staffing in March of 2010 as a room attendant. She is from Zambia and loves going to the movies and local theme parks in her spare time. She is always working hard to keep guests rooms clean with a smile... Read More


Are you Going to Become a Joint Employer?

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On August 27th the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) general counsel announced their decision to change the legal standard used to determine what it means to be a joint employer. The standard before the ruling indicated that a parent company would only be considered a joint employer if they exercised “’direct and immediate’ control over employment matters” (Daniel Wiessner, Reuters). With the new ruling, we see that even general oversight from the parent company is now grounds for a joint employer status to be issued. This includes requirements for... Read More


4 Easy Steps to Nail a Job Fair

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Going to a job fair can be an intimidating thing to do. You may not know what to bring, how to dress or what exactly to say and do. Fear not! I am here to answer some questions you may have to help you nail the job fair and land the job you want.   1. Preparation Preparation is everything. Not only will you feel like a million bucks when you arrive, but the fact that you are prepared will show the recruiters that you are serious about getting a... Read More

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Are Increases in Hourly Wages a Bad Thing?

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With the colder than normal winter finally coming to a close, the summer hiring cycle has begun and for many employers this is the moment they have been dreading. The release of the May jobs report saw a moderate increase in the average hourly earning of .3% from last month with an increase of 2.3% from last year. This means higher payroll costs for many employers. However, these higher costs may not necessarily be a bad indicator of things to come. In fact, they may be good. An increase in... Read More


Industry Leading Benefits for All

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Beginning in 2015, Xclusive has expanded our benefits available to both hourly and salaried employees. “As a leader in the hospitality staffing business, it has been a constant focus of ours to expand the benefits available to our employees and make sure that all benefits are available at affordable prices,” said Xclusive President Eloy Yanez. The new health benefit plans are open to all Xclusive employees and their families. Employees can now enjoy the benefits of pre-tax deductions taken directly from their paychecks with no additional payments or hassle. These... Read More


Growing Bigger Every Year!

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On May 1st, 2015, Diane Astley and Xclusive Staffing were honored to be named one of the Women Presidents’ Organization 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies Worldwide. Ranked by a formula that considered both percentage and absolute growth, Xclusive Staffing came in as the 37th fastest growing woman owned company in the world. Over the past 12 months, Xclusive has managed to open new offices in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Louisville, and Fort Collins. Moreover, Xclusive expanded its footprint in the cities of Houston, Dallas and Jacksonville with additional physical office locations. Of... Read More


Outlook for the US Hospitality Industry

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The near-term outlook for the U.S. hospitality industry continues to improve according to the speakers at the 2015 NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference. The over 2,300 attendees largely were optimistic for the industry for the rest of 2015 and 2016. Of crucial importance, the demand for tourism both short-term and long-term looks strong. Within the business community, a revived stock market and robust corporate profits are having their long awaited effect of increasing corporate travel and meetings. Similarly, as U.S. consumers are feeling wealthier, luxury hotels and resorts are... Read More