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Compliance isn’t an Option – It’s your reputation

In today’s internet connected world yesterday’s mistake is tomorrow’s front page news.  More than ever, compliance is not a trend but must be a way of life in the hospitality industry.  While many in the business community expected a relaxing of regulations under the new administration, the reality in the Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division has not reflected that.  In 2017 alone, the DOL conducted thousands of workplace audits of hotels, restaurants, staffing companies and other hospitality partners.  Notably, the DOL has made a habit of randomly selecting... Read More

Are you Going to Become a Joint Employer?

On August 27th the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) general counsel announced their decision to change the legal standard used to determine what it means to be a joint employer. The standard before the ruling indicated that a parent company would only be considered a joint employer if they exercised “’direct and immediate’ control over employment matters” (Daniel Wiessner, Reuters). With the new ruling, we see that even general oversight from the parent company is now grounds for a joint employer status to be issued. This includes requirements for... Read More

Outlook for the US Hospitality Industry

The near-term outlook for the U.S. hospitality industry continues to improve according to the speakers at the 2015 NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference. The over 2,300 attendees largely were optimistic for the industry for the rest of 2015 and 2016. Of crucial importance, the demand for tourism both short-term and long-term looks strong. Within the business community, a revived stock market and robust corporate profits are having their long awaited effect of increasing corporate travel and meetings. Similarly, as U.S. consumers are feeling wealthier, luxury hotels and resorts are... Read More