Cleaning Projects and Sanitation


Xclusive Staffing is committed to a high level of professionalism in the execution of deep cleaning and sanitation projects.  We go far beyond the typical duties of a janitorial service or housekeeper.  Our philosophy for these projects encompasses two main facets:

  1. We emphasize the use of hospital grade disinfectants to kill germs and neutralize odors. Cleaning agents are used to remove dirt, dust, stains and odors on surfaces and materials. Our professional chemicals aim to sustain health, increase beauty, remove odors, and to avoid the spread of dirt and contaminants to yourself and to others. Some cleaning agents can clean and simultaneously kill bacteria and viruses.
  2. The scope of our work encompasses a one stop shop solution to your sanitation needs. We partner in our clients’ infection control protocols by way of industry leading sanitation procedures and a focus on proper surface disinfection.  We know that each surface and each project requires the right tools for the job and our specialized team makes sure its done right every time.

We are proud to offer our deep cleaning and sanitation service the following industries:

  • Schools K-12
  • Hospitals
  • Retirement Communities
  • Universities/Campuses
  • Pharmacies
  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • And many more…

Your patients, patrons, students and the public trust you to provide a clean and safe environment. Xclusive Staffing’s trained staff is here to provide a benchmark, industry service to convert that trust to reality.

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