When it comes to working in hospitals, we know that safety and cleanliness are of paramount importance. That is why we ensure that all of our staff is trained in our thorough, 8-step cleaning process for discharges and daily room cleaning as well as how to properly handle bio-waste. We also understand that being in a hospital is a very stressful time for anyone. This is why we always maintain an upbeat and friendly attitude. Whether its emptying trash bins, changing linens, dusting or wiping down a patients’ room, we are here to ensure that your hospital stays spotless with a genuine smile.

  • Able to adapt to your specific property needs which can include cooks and EXPO workers
  • Trust the most experienced staff in the industry
  • Always professionally dressed
  • We can fill many requests for staff within a few hours
  • Safety training occurs at our local office
  • Always upholding the highest work standards